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Tracking Your Mac Device

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MacTrack (current version 9.7) offers the most comprehensive Tracking and Alert Notification technology to our members currently available for those Mac devices that have the latest Apple OS X installed.

MacTrack supports Gatekeeper
Gatekeeper is a feature in OS X Mountain Lion (and later) that helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software. The MacTrack installer package is signed with a certificate approved by Apple which lets Gatekeeper verify that the app is not known malware and has not been tampered with.

MacTrack is highly integrated with the monitoring and feature customizations of the Cloud-based Lost and Found Registry - a service targeted for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod users, and hosted at



NOTE: MacTrack , exclusively available at, is our tracking app specifically designed to assist in the monitoring and recovery of lost or stolen Apple Mac devices running OS X 10.7 (or higher).
Supported Mac devices are: Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

MacTrack is not designed to be installed on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices.
MacTrack is only intended to be installed on genuine Mac hardware with real Apple-assigned Serial Numbers!

A Mac device can only be tracked if the app was installed before any loss occurred.
Do not download the MacTrack app unless the device to be tracked runs OS X 10.7 (or higher).

The software will not install or operate unless the above-listed OS and Mac device type prerequisites are met.


Here are the core features of the MacTrack app, most of which can be remotely controlled by the owner from the iTrackMobile® Member Account:
  • Establishes a membership enrollment for your Mac with the Lost and Found Registry at, directly from the devices' Desktop Screen. Membership is free.

  • Unlike the web-based enrollment process, the MacTrack application allows for a simpler and unrestricted setup, utilizing features that are native to the device.

  • Provides a standard Wallpaper ID image for prominent display on the device Desktop Screen to assist in the recovery of a lost unit.

  • At the users' option, installs a Screen Saver showing a Recovery ID with sufficient information to return the device to the Owner.

  • Do-It-Yourself Printable Device Labels for attaching to outside case of device. Contains sufficient information for a Finder to return the unit to the Owner via the iTrackMobile® system.
    Labels can be created for any device registered under your iTrackMobile Member Account.

  • Displays customizable Alert Messages on the device screen in the event a member declares a device as 'lost'. These messages can be displayed to offer the finder more comprehensive options to return the device to the owner.

  • Enables Owner to record a personalized video for a device Finder to assist in the return of a lost Mac. The video is automatically played when certain alarm messages are displayed to the user after the Owner declares the unit as lost or stolen from the iTrackMobile Member Account.

    If the Mac device is not equipped with the required hardware to produce the video, then an existing .mov file can be imported from a different source instead.

  • Upon Mac start-up, automatically performs tracking functions while the app is discretely running in background at user-selectable time intervals. Monitors activity in both On/Off-line modes, with or without device user being logged in.
    Fast user switching is supported.

  • Captures tracking information by Internet IP Addresses (both LAN and WAN), MAC Address, as well as Device Location Services (when Wi-Fi connected). This information can be useful to supplement a Police Report in an effort to recover a device that was reported as lost or stolen.

  • Identifies the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  • Monitors and records the device battery power.

  • Can take snapshots using the device iSight or FaceTime camera.

  • Can take screenshots of the device desktop.

  • Can take sound bite recordings from the Mac default audio input device.

  • Can log user keyboard inputs by application and date/time.

  • Captures Application Activity Log by user and total system. Enables MacTrack Administrator to lock applications from being launched by User ID.

  • Features multiple Remote Device Wipe options.

  • Website activity monitoring for Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers.
    Includes many reporting options and data export facility.

  • Remote Lock prevents access to device Desktop unless your correct iTrackMobile® Member Password is provided.
    Performs Remote Wipe if ten consecutively failed login attempts occur.

  • Records the UserID under which the device operates.

  • In case of theft, owner has the option to have device tracking information automatically interfaced with the largest online Investigation System in use by U.S. Law Enforcement. This feature is provided free of charge.

  • All device activity is filed at the Lost and Found Registry for each device. A maximum history of 5 tracking events are stored per device with the on-line Registry. If more than 5 activity events occur, then the oldest entries are deleted to make room for the most recent ones.
    The activity history can be downloaded at any time by the member in either a CSV or KML format for import into a spreadsheet program or Google Earth, respectively. At the users option, tracking history can be expanded through a Tracking Bundle purchase (see optional features below).

  • When a device is lost, a Alert Screen is displayed to enable the finder to contact the owner for the return of the unit.
    The customizable alert text can be remotely activated to speak in a synthesized voice (English only).

  • The MacTrack app is purchased under a Software License agreement which has the flexibility to be managed by the Owner.
    The use of the app can be extended to devices at the discretion of the iTrack Member, e.g. the Install Base for the License can be assigned to any Mac device registered under the iTrack Member account.

  • iCircle®, the iTrackMobile® Member inner circle of friends and family feature, allows for the sharing of device tracking information.

    iCircleBefore a friend can become your inner circle member, he/she must first be a member of the iTrackMobile® Lost and Found Registry and have an iTrack app installed on at least one Apple device, such as: any Mac type running OS X 10.7+, iPhone , iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8.0+.
    Joining iTrackMobile® is simple and free when installing the MacTrack app.

  • Extensive documentation is included. Overall features of the iTrack Lost and Found Registry are described in detail throughout the website at

The following optional features can be upgraded and activated from within your iTrackMobile® Member Account by performing real-time PayPal purchases:
  1. Expanding the tracking history (device position, camera snapshots, screen shots, sound bite recordings, IP addresses, etc.) and number of associated Map Displays by increasing storage space for your device profile at the iTrack Lost and Found Registry. Tracking history can be expanded in form of  Tracking Storage Bundles. Tracking Storage Bundles are associated with a given MacTrack License and extend to all devices covered by the License.
    Each bundle can accommodate 5 tracking points and associated Map Displays.
    A maximum of 9 additional Tracking Storage Bundles can be configured per device. This system-wide maximum can be increased by the iTrack Lost and Found Registry administrator depending on membership demand.

  2. The device Install Base (number of devices monitored under a given licensed Product Key) can be increased in different increments.
    A MacTrack License is managed by the iTrack Member by assigning or revoking the app use to any of his own Mac devices.

    The License is valid for as long as the associated iTrack Membership is active.

    Note that all MacTrack app version releases are covered by your original purchase and extend to all devices of your install base.
    No additional fees will be charged.


  • Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Mac mini with latest OS X version (minimum 10.7).
  • The app must be installed by a user having administrator access rights. A system restart is required to complete the installation.
  • A working Internet connection.
  • A properly functioning email Address, used as the Member ID.
  • A user-supplied password.
  • Device Location Services enabled (optional).


    1. Implemented bug fixes and performance improvements.
    2. Reduced one-time Upgrade Price.

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