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Feature Comparison of Monitoring Apps for
Mac , iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices

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(We have retired apps that supported older iOS versions. Upgrade your mobile devices to the most recent iOS to stay current.)

Current App Version 4.23 9.7 2.6.0
Minimum OS Version Required iOS 8.0 OS X 10.7 OS X 10.6.6
Supported on Mac Pro, iMac, Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Mac mini devices No Yes Yes
Supported on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices Yes No No
Single License one-time Purchase Price FREE US $4.95 US $2.99
Exchangeable Software License by device No Yes No
In-App Upgrade Options Yes Yes Yes
Full-feature Free Evaluation Trial Yes Yes No
Recurring Fees No No No
Free iTrackMobile® Membership Yes Yes Yes
Automatic unattended real-time activity tracking while in background Yes* Yes No
Apple Watch Support Yes * No No
Battery Saver option Yes * No No
Enhancements to support iPad Wi-Fi compass hardware and GPS waypoint navigation with Bluetooth inter-device transfer Yes No No
iCircle® device location/data sharing between inner circle iTrackMobile® member friends Yes Yes Yes
Remote Device Finder from iTrackMobile® website Yes * Yes No
Interface with US Law Enforcement Yes Yes Yes
Lost Device Alert on Home Screen Yes Yes Yes
Geofence Region Tracking and Alert Notifications Yes* No No
Device Activity Tracking with WAN and LAN IP Address Yes Yes Yes
Device Activity Tracking with User-ID No Yes Yes
Supports OS X Gatekeeper Security Feature N/A Yes Yes
Tracking using iSight or FaceTime camera Yes * Yes Yes
Website activity monitoring for Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers No Yes No
Tracking using Desktop Screen Shots No Yes Yes
Tracking using Audio Input Sound Bite Recording No Yes No
Tracking logging user keyboard input by app and date/time No Yes No
Activity Tracking when device is off-line (for mobile devices, based on GPS activity) Yes * Yes Yes
Application Usage Log No Yes No
Remote Device Wipe and Lock No Yes No
Activity Tracking by Location Services Yes Yes Yes
Expandable iTrackMobile® Cloud Tracking Storage Space Yes *
(optional upgrade)
(optional upgrade)
(optional upgrade)
eMail Tracking Alerts Yes * Yes Yes
Activity Tracking Map Display Yes * Yes Yes
Exporting of Tracking Activity Yes * Yes Yes
Tracking in Stealth Mode Yes Yes Yes
Configuring Custom Wallpaper IDs, including Live Photos for Lock Screen Yes * No No
Converting Live Photo to GIF image for Internet sharing Yes * No No
Displaying Custom Video Recording as Finder Message No Yes Yes
QR Code scanning support for Quick Device Recovery Yes * Yes Yes
Do-It-Yourself Printable Device Labels Yes * Yes Yes
Screen Saver showing iTrackMobile®  Recovery ID or Mac Serial Number No Yes Yes
Multi-lingual Alert Interface Yes * Yes Yes
Customizable Voice Announcement Yes * Yes Yes
Uses customizable Apple Push Notification Services Yes * No No
*Included with one-time full-feature In-App upgrade US $0.99 N/A N/A
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