Apple Watch/Mac/iPad/iPhone/iPod touch Owners: download a FREE Wallpaper ID used as a Device Recovery Tag

iTrack Membership and related website features are provided without charge.
However, device monitoring and other advanced functionality published for availability on Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices can be downloaded
on the App Store for a nominal fee.

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Omni Consulting LLC, the original sponsor of the iTrack Registry, provided the initial hardware and software investments to establish this free service to the Apple device owner community.

Additional sponsors and donations are needed to keep up with the rapidly growing iTrack Registry memberships.
Investments in hardware and software upgrades will accomodate the increase in capacity requirements while delivering improved website performance and '24/7' availability over the Internet.

Mac/iPad/iPhone/iPod/Apple Watch/Apple TV/Airport Device owners who value their investment in Apple products do really appreciate if a lost device can be returned through a free publicly available service, such as this iTrack Lost and Found Registry.

Contact your Tax Advisor if the donation qualifies as a deduction.

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